Best Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner Unit

When it comes to high-quality and versatile household products and tools, Black & Decker are among the most trusted of all. With a huge product range, including power tools such as drills and chainsaws, household products including vacuum cleaners and steam mops, along with a fantastic range of air conditioning units, they have been manufacturing since 1910.

People have been turning to the brand over many decades, with many customers becoming loyal exclusively to Black & Decker. When it comes to Home Improvement, power tools, Hardware, accessories, and Technology, Black & Decker are amongst the world leaders and continue to revolutionize many of the household products that we use today.

Our Rating: 4.5

Black+Decker BPACT08WT 12000 BTU + Heat Portable AC Unit White

The Black & Decker portable air conditioner unit has been designed for ease-of-use and is able to sufficiently cool spaces up to 350 square feet. Unlike many other types of air conditioning units that require an external and internal system, this portable air conditioner can be easily wheeled into the room that you need it for and begin to provide plenty of cool air in a matter of minutes.

With three different modes to select from, you are able to choose between dehumidification, fan mode, and cooling. This means that when your room is cool enough, you can switch it on to fan mode and save even more in energy costs. Featuring an easy-to-use LED digital display, along with the ability to program it to turn on and off as and when you need makes it a perfect addition for the home or office.

This Black & Decker portable air conditioner also comes in four different BTU sizes and can be selected to feature a heat mode. The heat mode is a fantastic addition for those who experience hot summers and cold winters as it allows you to easily switch between the seasons without the need for several different pieces of equipment. We will look a little bit more at the different sizes and additional heat options further on in this review.

BLACK+DECKER 14,000 BTU Cooling

What's in the box?

When considering purchasing a new product from the internet, it is always great to know what you will find inside the box. Well, the first thing is the most obvious and that is the portable air conditioning unit itself. It is important to note that if your air conditioner has been rested on its side, then you should allow 24 hours to pass before using it.

You will also find a 4-foot 11-inch exhaust hose and a window kit for quick and easy installation. You will also find a remote control that will allow you to maintain or change the temperature from wherever you may be in the room. Of course, there is also a user manual to help you make the most out of your Black & Decker portable air conditioning system. Pretty much everything that you need to have cool air flowing around your home in next to no time is included.


  • Good for rooms 22 x 25 Ft.
  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 17.1 x 28.1 in.
  • Various sizes: 8000 BTU, 12000 BTU and 14000 BTU


  • Automatic water evaporation
  • Ability to set the timer
  • LED display 
  • Fully functional remote control
  • The option of 3 preset modes
  • Easy maneuverability with the use of casters 
  • The ability to slide out the filters
  • The use of environmentally friendly refrigerant
Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner


  • May have to wait 24 hours to use it if it has been laid on its side
  • May be difficult to move upstairs for those with limited mobility
  • The compressor or may be noisy for those who are not used to air conditioning units.

Average Consumer Ratings

When taking a look at previous customer ratings, The Black & Decker portable air conditioning unit is definitely considered to be one of the best. Some of the most notable things that people mention are its ability to provide powerful cooling to any room and the overall ease-of-use. Other things that customers find to be beneficial about this air conditioner are that the water tray hardly ever needs to be emptied and it is very easy to maintain. Lastly, one of the most commented aspects of this air conditioner is that it puts out a surprising amount of cool air for such a small household product.

Different Black and Decker Models

With the Black & Decker portable air conditioning unit, you have the ability to choose between the original portable air conditioner and one with the option to select a heat mode. The higher the BTU is, the more powerful the cooling effect will be. As this portable air conditioning unit makes use of a refrigerant rather than water conduction to cool the air, it offers exactly the same cooling power as a more traditional air conditioning unit.

As a Rough Guide, an air conditioner with a BTU of 8000 will provide sufficient cooling for a room of 350 square feet. A BTU of 10,000 will provide cooling for a room of up to 450 square feet. A BTU 12000 will easily cool a room of up to 550 square feet, and a BTU 14,000 can take care of a room up to 700 square feet. For the majority of people, a portable air conditioner with a BTU of 10,000 will typically be more than enough to cool several rooms at once.

There are also two models of this air conditioning unit that come with an inbuilt heat setting. These come in 12000 BTU and 14,000 BTU, which means that you will be able to take advantage of maximum cooling during the summer months and then switch it on to heat mode to make your room nice and cozy throughout the winter.


Should I buy it?

If you live in an area that gets particularly hot during several seasons throughout the year, then you will be an ideal candidate for one of these Black & Decker portable air conditioning units. It is the perfect choice for those who do not wish to install a permanent air conditioner in their home and those who would like to be able to provide cooling or heating to different rooms in the home.

If you live in a temperate climate, then you will also be able to take advantage of the heat setting on certain models. This means that your portable air conditioning unit can also be used as a portable heater and you can quickly and easily switch between modes as and when you need to.