Luma Comfort EC110S Review

Thanks to the recent energy saving air coolers or swamp coolers, anybody can enjoy a little more comfort amidst hot and sweaty summers. A swamp cooler is energy efficient and it conserves as much as 70% of electricity without compromising comfort. The Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler is one of the most popular choices to help take the edge off this summer.

Our Rating: 4.0

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Luma Comfort EC110S Evaporative Air Cooler

There’s no arguing, the name itself speaks of comfort. An air cooler like the Luma Comfort EC110S is a great alternative for a more expensive air conditioner. It can cool around 250 sq ft of space with 500 CFM, ideal for your room or office. This unit only requires water and electricity for you to start enjoy its benefits. Let’s take a closer look on its features and specs.

luma comfort cooler

Technical Specifications and Product Features

  • Features energy efficient cyclonic cooling technology
  • It delivers 500 CFM at 1 ampere
  • Comes with modern design and glossy style
  • 3-speeds and wind modes
  • Removable water tank
  • Can cool up to 250 square feet
  • Product Dimension: 12.8 inches x 11.2 inches x 34.5 inches
  • Length of Cord: 6 feet
  • Average Weight: 16.2 pounds or 7.36 kilograms
  • Shipping weight: 21.7 pounds
  • Made of plastic material and silver finish
  • Very economical at 110 watts (W)
  • Package includes remote control plus a programmable timer
  • It has auto on and off feature and digital display
  • It comes with washable filter
  • Large capacity tank holding approximately 1.76 gallons with evaporator water tank along with low water level indicator
  • Recommended both for residential and commercial use
luma comfort portable ac

The Advantages of this Portable AC

Energy-Saving Timer

This unit features a programmable timer so you can be sure to save energy when you no longer need it.

Noise Level: If you wish to enjoy a sound sleep, Luma EC110S is a great choice.

Luma EC110S Evaporative Air Cooler

Cooling Capacity

It can lower the room temperature up to 20-30 degrees which can make a huge difference. It works pretty well for its size and price. After all, its not an actual air conditioner and doesn’t have a compressor, like the MobilComfort Soleus Air KY-80.

​Ease of Use

Its compact size makes it easy to move around the house or office. It’s ready to use out of the box and very easy to install. It requires few refills with the large water capacity tank plus it really utilizes small quantity of water. It’s very impressive compared to most evaporative coolers down in the market.


Unlike air conditioners, you can get a Luma Comfort for just over a hundred dollars. It is very reasonable considering the numerous benefits it offers.

Low Maintenance

It comes with very easy to use refillable water tanks. Once you fill in the tank completely, the water can last up to 10 hours.

Potential Issues with the Luma Comfort

  • It is really ideal for small areas and living spaces. It may not be as efficient if used in large spaces beyond its cooling capacity.
  • It may not also give as much cooling effect in highly humid areas or during very hot climates. 

Average Consumer Rating

Overall Consumer Satisfaction Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars based on nearly 1,000 consumer reviews posted on Amazon. This definitely isn't the highest rated unit, but if you're not looking for something super cool and efficient, but more budget-friendly, this unit could work for you.

Who Should Buy It?

Luma Comfort Air Cooler

If you want to experience the comfort of a cool environment yet don’t like to add hundreds of bucks on your annual electric bill consumption then Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler is the most economical cooling system for you.  Its convenient and low maintenance. All you need to do is pull it out of the box and plug it in. It is perfect for a 250 square feet sized bedroom, office or living room in an environment that isn't too hot or humid.

For someone who cares about the environment, this is energy efficient equipment that can potentially decrease the air temperature up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Should You Buy It?

It is a practical option for its affordability. For less than $200, you won't break the bank. Besides this, the operating cost is very minimal. It doesn’t consume much energy hence using such won’t really add large amount in your electric bill.

Besides, Luma owns top performing products known for its consumer value anywhere in the market. The company is manned by team of experts always seeking for new innovations to create premium products passing beyond the standards.

It amazingly suits anybody’s busy schedule because it doesn’t require installation. To add, you don’t need to hire and pay someone for this purpose.


If you are looking for a cooling system like evaporative cooler that offers efficiency, performance, quality at a very reasonable price, the Luma Comfort EC110S Portable Evaporative Cooler is the best answer to your need. Find big discounts and special promo offers in the web or reputable consumer sites like Amazon to enjoy substantial savings. This deal won’t be out here at Amazon forever, so be sure to make your purchase now.