MobilComfort Soleus Air KY-80 Review

They look like coolers, they work like a fan, yet they are really air conditioners. Isn’t that amazing for a single machine with multi-use feature? Indeed it is. Hence, if you are looking for equipment that does all these functions, better get Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner.

Our Rating:

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mobilcomfort soleus ky-80 portabhle AC

Description of the Soleus Air

Soleus Air KY80 Portable Air Conditioner has the recent evaporative technology feature so you won’t have to worry about removing moist from your unit. No need to think about unexpected black-out because Soleus Air KY 80 Portable Air Conditioner comes with Power Loss Protection and Auto restart feature to make sure that it operated smoothly and consistently. The single hose exhaust system allows fast cooling. Plus the washable and reusable filter helps contain dust and other harmful particles in the air such as dust, pollen and smoke. Also, it uses sturdy casters that are useful in moving the unit around your place.

Technical Aspects

mobilcomfort soleus ky80 portable air conditioner and dehumidifier

Soleus Air KY80 Portable Air Conditioner offers 38.4 pint dehumidifier to remove room moisture through its one-of-a-kind evaporative technology. Air conditioners work through the principle of thermodynamics, a process of removing heat and moisture from air through utilizing compressors by converting hot air to cool air. A small amount of water not evaporated during the process will be pumped back and evaporated through the condenser. It has a programmable timer so you can fully adjust the settings like usage time to conserve energy.

More Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 11.8 inches x 13.6 inches x 31 inches
  • Average Weight: 52 pounds or 23.64 kilograms

Items You May Buy Along with this Product

  • Non-insulated Flex Duct
  • Indoor Humidity Monitor
  • Hydroponic Booster

Pros of the MobilComfort

  • The product comes with useful user guide.
  • It is very easy to install that anyone can do it.
  • The dehumidifier feature works really well.
  • Soleus Air KY-80 is an affordable option other than installing bulky air conditioning systems that do not only consume large space but also consume high electric energy billing you dollars more each month. Besides that, you need to call a professional before you can fully take advantage of its features. Unlike portable ACs, you can readily use them out of the box after few adjustments and attachments.
  • You don’t need to cut your walls down as it requires small area for installation.
  • It’s cheaper and more energy-efficient than central air conditioner.

Potential Issues

  • Looking closely to most of the consumer reviews, you can see that consumers were unhappy about the overflowing pan and noise level of this unit. Although, it is expected for a portable AC knowing that it is not fixed or mounted on the walls. Check the noise level. It should not be more than 55 dAB.
  • It requires good ventilation to allow hot or warm air to go out through the exhaust pipe.


  • In order to test whether a portable AC works efficiently, it should give a temperature around 4-10 degrees lower than the outside room temperature.
  • If you want to save cash, shop around and compare prices and offers. The same brand or model can be sold in quite different price. Scrutinize the terms and agreements before jumping into a deal. Ask about guarantee and warranty. Be careful about hidden charges especially on shipment and repairs.

Average Consumer Ratings

While visiting Amazon, you can find 105 customer reviews giving an average satisfaction rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Around 75 customers gave 4 to 5 stars and the other 30 customers only gave 1-3 stars.

Who Should Buy It?

When you are after of quality for a price, Soleus Air KY-80 can give you that. Also, if you are living in a small apartment, you can take advantage of the size and efficiency. It is truly economical and you don’t need to face installation hassles as that of central air conditioning systems. It’s portable so if you like carrying a cooling device around in the kitchen, living room or library; you can surely move this unit easily.

Why You Should Buy It

MobilComfort Soleus Portable AC Unit

Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner works as efficient as window type air conditioners yet at a cheaper cost. You don’t need to shell out bank of cash because one unit cost only $295. When you buy Soleus Air KY-80 Portable Air Conditioner, it is like you have purchased 3 products in 1 because this item comes with multi-features in which it functions as fan and dehumidifier at the same time.

You don’t need to mount it like window ACs so you don’t have to hire electricians for installation. Isn’t that a good savings? Also, it’s almost ready to use out of the box so you can enjoy using it in no time - another advantage especially for busy people.

Thanks to modern technology, you can always get Soleus Air KY-80 from reputable online stores and consumer sites like Amazon. Com. It is really convenient for users for its accessibility and very low running cost.

Be sure to read more reviews and learn from what people say not just about the unit itself but hear about the company and their services. Purchasing online has its own advantages but it does have some drawbacks too. Therefore, timely response from sellers is crucial before closing a transaction especially that it involves your hard-earned cash. Here are some more reviews for the best portable AC units.

You should buy something that is worth or more than the amount you pay. That is what we call wise buying. While considering a good air conditioner unit, one of the main factors you need to consider is the size of your room. The features of the unit do not really help if you bought something that is not suitable in terms of space vs. BTUs. Check out the BTU chart and see whether Soleus Air KY-80 works for your advantage.